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  • One goal can bring people together
  • One person can lead change
  • One idea can inspire others
  • One act of kindness can provide hope
  • One message can ignite a movement

About The Pledge

ONE PLEDGE is about all of North Bay supporting the idea that a violence free community is something worth pledging to achieve.

The North Bay Police Service averages three or four domestic related calls everyday. The Nipissing Transition House assists hundreds of people every year in their individual attempts to flee violent environments. The City of North Bay continues to focus on building a healthy, safe and respectful community.

Rather than simply acknowledging the ONE PLEDGE message, we want you to be a part of it.  You can be a part of the solution.

ONE PLEDGE is built upon the age old notion that we are stronger together,  that individual efforts are the driving force behind moving the goals of the many forward.

Domestic violence is a crime and the effects of domestic violence ripple through the community.

North Bay is taking a stand against domestic violence.

ONE PLEDGE is a community campaign aimed at encouraging every citizen to make a difference. By signing the pledge, either in person or online, you are  joining others in acknowledging domestic violence exists in our community.   By signing the pledge you are giving voice to our efforts to end domestic violence in North Bay.

Special Thanks

Thanks to our friends in the media for helping to advance our efforts to end domestic violence in North Bay.